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Our Insurance Consulting practice is focused on providing commercial insurers and reinsurers with state of the art support and advices. We cover Solvency II matters from Corporate Governance to Solvency Capital Requirement, actuarial approaches for life and non-life, business and strategic planning, as well as insurance companies creation and approval by the Luxembourg Regulator.

Based on a solid methodology we advice on how to implement a Solvency II compliant and proportionate System of Governance (Pillar II) assuring consistency between the strategy, risk appetite, risk processes including ORSA, and day-to-day operations of the company.

Our actuaries can support our clients with the Standard Formula or in developing their own Internal Model (Pillar I). We assist them from initial cost/benefit analysis, to definition, calibration, documentation, down to the final validation phase, as well as helping them through all the regulatory approval process.

We also provide a wide range of actuarial services such as reserving and Best Estimate calculation, actuarial certification, pricing and business plan reviews, both Life and Non Life.

Our team has strong capabilities and an impressive track record on Dynamic Financial Analysis. We base our technical approaches on stochastic simulations that enable us modeling how business will run in the future, based on several key assumptions. We benefit from one of the most powerfull DFA platforms on the market : ReMetrica. Such insight helps our clients optimize their profitability by getting a more accurate picture of their own risk profile.

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