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Risk & Insurance Management Maturity Benchmark and Organization Design

Risk & Insurance Management Maturity Benchmark and Organization Design

An organisation may seek to review its Risk & Insurance Management (RIM) structure because its operations and the external environment have evolved more rapidly than its insurance strategy. Also organizational changes, like mergers & acquisitions, new management retirement or questions relating to in-/co-/outsourcing are strong drivers to revise the RIM objectives.

Aon’s approach to benchmarking the RIM function combines qualitative and quantitative drivers in a structured though flexible way. This approach enables the objective identification of gaps between the current performance and ambition level of the organization with regard to the RIM function. Aon delivers a pragmatic implementation plan to describe the organization (re)design and transition needed to align the RIM function with the defined vision and ambition level.


  • Facilitates the evolution of the RIM function to a higher level
  • Creates financial transparency with regard to the processes of the RIM function
  • Defines RIM function relative to the organization and other stakeholders
  • Creates transparency with regard to maturity, quality, peers and accountability of the function
  • Build an implementation plan for transition towards a RIM function aligned with ambition level
  • Further professionalize and integrate the RIM function in the current risk management structures
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