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Anne Clément


Q: Anne Clément, within AON LUXEMBOURG, you are responsible for financial lines. Could you please explain?
R: The successive crisis on financial markets, the Covid-19 pandemic crisis have confirmed that risk management is essential to growth and profitability in an increasingly regulatory environment (Bâle II, IFRS, Solvency II, MiFID, IDD, GDPR etc.)

Insurance solutions for financial lines cover risks linked to responsibilities of financial sector companies and their executives and protect their data and infrastructure.

Q: How?
R: We analyze the activities of the partner companies, their structuring, the scope of their contractual commitments, their territoriality, etc. in order to identify the frequency and financial impact of the risks to which they are exposed.

Depending on the company’s risk appetite, we define jointly a strategy adapted in terms of retentions and limits while keeping as an objective the optimization of costs and conditions.

Q: What solutions do you offer?
R: Depending on the type of activities and the risk profile, we cover:

  • Errors, mistakes, omissions made by natural and legal persons
  • Contractual and professional liabilities
  • Financial losses following a cyber attack
  • Risks linked to initial public offerings and capital issues
  • Financial losses linked to corporate mergers and acquisitions
  • Fraud
  • Employment practice liabilities claims
  • Etc...