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Timothy Fernandes


Q: Timothy Fernandes, within AON LUXEMBOURG you are in charge of the construction sector, what exactly does that entail?
A: Building is a complex process. Whether it is the construction of a single-family home, a clinic, an industrial site or public works, you are exposed to risks.

We analyze the risks associated with a construction project, and advise and support the various parties involved at each stage of the project: design, construction and operation.

Q: In what way?
A: A construction project is characterized by the multiplicity of participants and the entanglement of their responsibilities.

It is a question of defining, with them, the most appropriate insurance strategy to protect oneself from the material and financial consequences of a disaster. This is to ensure the smooth continuation of the project until its exploitation.

Q: What solutions can you implement?
A: Depending on the different phases of the project, we will cover for example:

  • The responsibilities of the project owner and the project manager
  • Damage to the structure during construction and operation
  • Financial losses due to a delay in the acceptance of the work
  • Financial default of the seller etc...
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