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Health Solutions

Health Solutions Overview

Health represents a top strategic issue for employers and at the heart of multiple inter-connected topics such as talent attraction and retention, as well as employee engagement and morale. Health represents an opportunity, challenge and concern when considering topics like increasing medical trend rates, but also an opportunity for employers and employees with the evolution of traditional health models and the development of digital health.

Aon’s Middle East Health Solutions practice helps clients of all sizes, domestic and multi-national, deliver high quality, engaging employee benefits programmes. We act as a benefit broker and/or consultant and provide services including, but not limited to: Health / Medical Insurance, Life, Disability, Accident, Expat Medical and Business Travel.

With over 75 experts in the UAE focused on helping clients design, finance, insure, communicate and administer benefits, we provide a comprehensive range of consulting services including:

  • Comprehensive health programmes
  • Sa’ada and Thiqa top-up plan
  • Life insurance and funeral expenses
  • Cash flow plan management
  • Insurance for personal accidents & travel
  • Trend analysis


For Employers

  • Integration of Benefits
  • Reduce cost from unnecessary care
  • Regular reporting to identify trends in communication
  • Increased utilisation of strategic initiatives such as Wellness, Disease Management etc.


For Employees

  • One-on-One issue resolution related to:
    • Claims and billing issues
    • Access to care/clinical expertise
    • Healthcare related questions
    • Navigating the health care system
    • Become better consumers of healthcare
    • Positive outlook on benefits offered


For HR Staff

  • Reduce HR time consuming basic benefit questions
  • Increase employee productivity
  • Enhance appreciate/value of benefits
  • Increased compliance and lower liability of exposures


We deliver Value to Employers, Employees and Human Resources

Our Personal Health Advocates coordinate services with the patient’s treating physicians and can help close gaps in care based on age and gender of the client. By helping the member use their health benefits more wisely and the medical system more efficiently we help control cost and save money for employers and employees alike.

Several differentiators make us stand out in the market:

> Delivering Global benefits innovation and expertise locally

> Broking expertise and capabilities, as well as significant leverage in the marketplace

> Integrated, distinctive technology that covers the full employee benefits lifecycle

> Data driven insights