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Aon Global Client Network

Aon Global Client Network

With four times the number of firms expanding operations outside their home country in just the last 10 years, Aon Risk Solutions has invested in and maintained a differentiated approach to global risk solutions.

Whether your firm is expanding internationally for the first time, a multinational firm working to optimize risk management strategies, or a global firm in need of help navigating the changing insurance regulatory environment, Aon Risk Solutions is your best partner.

Aon's Global Client Network (AGCN), your link to our global network of professionals spans 120 countries and 500 offices including over 1,200 multinational professionals. We are the largest risk advisory network in the industry and deliver:

  • Counsel in managing risks associated with growing international businesses
  • Consistency and accountability for our multinational risk management services
  • Current information to empower strategic global risk management engagement
  • Unparalleled market access to efficiently designed and state-of-the-art risk financing options 

The Aon Global Client Network (AGCN) is unlike any other in the industry.  Embedded within our local offices but working as a global team under common leadership and established rules of engagement, the AGCN is able to partner with you to deliver resources, as needed, to your dispersed and disparate operations worldwide.

Through our application of expertise, technology, global reach, experience, market leverage and AGCN infrastructure Aon Risk Solutions brings effective global counsel and support to over 3,000 global firms. 

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