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Casualty Insurance

Casualty Insurance

In a constantly changing world, managing casualty-related exposures can be a complex and time consuming process. With our experience, Aon’s casualty professionals help organizations to efficiently identify and effectively insure the risks they face.


A successful casualty insurance program can only be created with a deep understanding of all the risks that challenge an organization. Our reviews identify your ideal level of risk retention and apply the right level of protection.


Aon actively provides casualty insurance services for a significant variety of global industries. We apply this experience to every program we create, ensuring your casualty insurance program is customized to a very high degree.


Our programs focus on the objectives and issues that face an organization. Rather than generalizing about the needs of a particular industry, our casualty insurance programs are tailored to match your organization’s day-to-day activities.


Any casualty insurance program we create needs to grow with your business, so we work hard to facilitate effective communication with you. This helps you understand how the market is developing and helps us understand the evolution of your objectives.

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