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Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals and Life Science

Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals and Life Science

The significant costs of research and development, the risks involved in manufacturing and testing and rapidly changing environmental laws are among several factors that combine to present complex financial and operational challenges to the pharmaceutical/chemical industry.

What can Aon do for you?

Aon devises risk management, insurance and reinsurance solutions as well as other services aimed at helping your clients to achieve their operational and financial objectives. Aon's insights into the industry, combined with its experts’ experience and knowledge of global insurance markets, enable Aon to devise a vast variety of tailor-made risk transfer – and other – solutions by which to meet the manifold needs of clients in the chemicals/pharmaceuticals and life science industries.

Irrespective of whether your company operates internationally or is a start-up, its growth depends on your understanding and overcoming the risks you face from day to day – such as, for example, consolidation within the industry, globalisation, constantly-changing legislation, the protection of patents and rights, product shortages, supply chain management and business continuity.

Aon’s team of experts are happy to advise you in the following specialised fields:

  • ERM (Enterprise Risk Management) – from risk assessment to risk transfer (holistic risk analysis)
  • Supply chain risk analyses
  • Risk finance – finding out how much of the risk you should bear and how the rest needs to be transferred
  • Local or international insurance solutions
  • Clinical trials
  • Environmental liability
  • Efficient insurance management in all lines of business and specialities that is in compliance with the law
  • Captive studies and management
  • Benchmarking (premiums, cover) against comparable undertakings
  • Due diligence and risk/insurance analyses in M&A transactions
  • Modelling of natural perils

Talk to us about your specific needs. We will be happy to give you tailor-made and in-depth advice.

Where projects are already up and running, we can, upon request, draw on our worldwide network and the experience and skills gained from dealing with our global client portfolio and offer you a wide range of alternatives.

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