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Personal Insurance

Personal Insurance

In terms of the total cost of a company’s premiums, those for personal insurance generally constitute the biggest item of expenditure.

As a leading risk management and insurance consulting company, Aon in the Middle East is ideally placed to analyse your risks in this area and to optimise their total cost.

Aon adapts its spectrum of services to your needs. As well as placing and managing your accident insurance (mandatory accident insurance, supplementary accident insurance, collective accident insurance, etc.), per diem sickness benefit insurance and any other policies (business travel insurance, expats insurance, etc.), Aon offers you the following additional services should you need them:

  • Structured risk analysis and evaluation of your needs
  • Preparation of a cover concept adapted to your own individual needs using Aon’s own personal insurance wording
  • Cost/benefit analyses when selecting waiting times and the use of short absence insurance
  • Periodic, process-based quality review of insurers in relation to the settlement of claims and/or their use of case and care management
  • Ongoing monitoring of the market
  • Referral of external case/care management companies
  • Providing expert support and guidance in complex claims

This comprehensive range of services is brought to you by qualified specialists with in-depth know-how.

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