Cyber Security Risk Report

Solving the Cyber Puzzle: The Unexpected Ways Cyber Risk Impacts Your Business

Intellectual Property

Intangible assets make up 80% of the value of S&P 500 companies. But less than one-third of companies protect trade secrets. It is critical that organizations identify, protect and understand the value of their IP.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Leave nothing to chance when pursuing a merger, acquisition or divestment. Pre-deal, cyber security due diligence is essential. Without it, a company may unintentionally inherit cyber risks and vulnerabilities.


Organizations commonly hold false confidence in the security of retirement plans. Given the amount of data and money at stake, it is imperative to see the whole cyber picture and understand the organization's fiduciary responsibility.


For attackers seeking a substantial payday, the C-suite is the bullseye on the target. C-level executives are 9x more likely to be victimized. This team needs to be secured inside and outside of the organization's digital and physical walls.

Computer Crime

Internet-enabled theft, fraud and exploitation were responsible for $2.7 billion in financial losses in 2018. For companies that work with suppliers and vendors, business email compromise is a serious risk. Solving the computer crime puzzle is critical.

The Corporation

The cyber threat to the corporation is real and comes from many angles: class actions, regulatory fines and ratings downgrades. Public companies are accountable to timely disclosure of cyber incidents, and disclosure of risk. Solidifying the organization's cyber security posture is essential.


2020 Report and Infographic

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