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—Adam Iglesias, CFO
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Multi-factor authentication and Smishing/Phishing Attacks Multi-factor authentication (“MFA”) is widely considered to be a best practice and one of the most effective cyber security protections, both for consumer accounts and for corporations. While MFA certainly adds a layer of protection and is a particularly valuable defense against account takeover attacks, cyber criminals are continuing to […]

Our Solutions.
Your way.
No matter the severity of a threat,
we’re here to help you.
Our Solutions.
Your way.
No matter the severity of a threat,
we’re here to help you.
Security Risk Assessment
See your company like never before. Our security risk assessment identifies your critical assets and vulnerabilities, in addition to evaluating your organization’s core cyber security capabilities.
Aon's CyberScan
Aon's CyberScan is a fullstack vulnerability assessment solution that gives you the tools you need to control and manage IT security risk.
Cyber Security Testing
We use real-world testing and simulations to help you understand your vulnerabilities and strengthen your defenses, so you don’t learn about them the hard way.
Cyber Impact Analysis: Financial Quantification
Knowing the financial impact of a cyber event to your organization is essential for good governance and decision making. Quantify your risk.
Incident Response Readiness Assessment
Time is critical when responding to a breach. Are you ready?
Network & Cloud Penetration Testing
We’ll exploit your vulnerabilities.
Threat Hunting
Catch ‘em red-handed.
Privacy Compliance Assessment
Help keep the regulators away.
Application & Mobile Security Testing
The security check-up for on-the-go workforces.
Rapidly size up your organization’s cyber risk. Instant insights, followed by a customized report.
Due Diligence & Background Investigations
Know your reputational and financial risk.
Cyber Insurance
Technology has advanced to the point that all companies need protection from the financial loss impact of a cyber incident.
Errors & Omissions Insurance
In the digital economy, every organization should contemplate their evolving risk profile.
Cyber Secure Select
A cyber risk mitigation solution for executives and high net worth individuals that works to extend your security perimeter at home and on the go.
Business Continuity Management for Cyber Risk
Helping organizations identify gaps in legacy BCM strategies that have emerged due to the rapid adoption of digital technology.
Cyber Risk Financing
Step 1: Know your organization’s cyber risks. Step 2: Click here.
Security Policies & Standards Development
Information security is complex and unique. Why take a one-size fits all approach?
Cyber Threat Simulation/Tabletop
Your incident response plan vs. our world-class breach responders. Interested?
M&A Cyber Due Diligence
Know what you’re getting into.
Security Strategy Development
Ad hoc security doesn’t work. A comprehensive enterprise security plan and roadmap sets clear objectives and prioritizes spending, boosting your chances of getting funding. See how we can help.
CISO Advisory
Whether you’re a seasoned CISO or running a company without one, managing your organization’s cyber risk is a daunting task. We can help.
Board Advisory
We speak Board and are fluent in cyber security.
Stroz Friedberg Incident Response
Under attack? We’ll send in an elite team of breach responders. Read more.
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