DC Analytics, the new tool to examine scheme data

The Aon DC Analytics solution is a leading edge initiative that is designed to meet the developing needs of DC and AVC members and stakeholders alike.

Our in-house analytics programme has been developed to interrogate large quantities of data in order to identify meaningful trends, facilitate segmentation using multiple parameters and consider 'what if' scenarios for trustees and sponsors. Analysing scheme data and member behaviours provides a unique insight and aims to empower decisionmaking and develop targeted, relevant messages for members.

Analytics is a powerful resource for trustees and sponsors struggling to understand members, their behaviours and their needs. The programme uniquely assesses scheme data and addresses key questions to aid planning, design and decision making.

With DC Analytics you can:

  • Segment your scheme membership for a more in-depth, unique scheme analysis.
  • Estimate expected and projected benefit outcomes for members.
  • Identify what additional contributions members need to make to achieve targeted levels of income replacement in retirement.
  • Analyse member trends, such as common behaviours when making investment decisions.
  • Project the impact of different investment strategies on emerging outcomes.
  • Determine how members are likely to opt to take their retirement benefits.
  • Enhance communication efforts by identifying clear population segments resulting in more effective, targeted communications and increased member engagement.

Please contact Laura Power for more information on DC Analytics.


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