Non-Profit Investment Strategy

Non-Profit Investment Strategy

Learn how your organization can benefit from our non-profit investment strategy. 

What is Non-Profit Investment Strategy?

Aon's non-profit investment practice supports the missions of non-profit organizations through investment advice, guidance on governance, portfolio management, manager research, specialized focus on alternative investing and responsible investing, and asset allocation and capital markets insights. Aon’s non-profit investment solutions help organizations meet financial goals such as capital preservation and intergenerational equity while fulfilling a higher purpose. Our clients include: 

  • Healthcare
  • Endowments
  • Foundations
  • Higher education
  • Faith-based organizations

What are the Benefits of Non-Profit Investment Strategy? 

In this ever-changing environment, non-profit organizations need to be clear on how to meet objectives and how to manage through the economic, regulatory, demographic and geopolitical events which bring new challenges and opportunities. Non-profit investment consultants help clients navigate uncertainties and manage risk — all toward the goal of improving the likelihood of meeting objectives through aligned portfolio results.

How Aon Can Help

  • Investment Advisory Consulting

    Our teams collaborate with non-profit organizations to provide a broad range of services, including guidance on governance best practices, asset allocation, investment strategy, manager selection across strategies, including private capital and alternatives, responsible investing and diverse manager initiatives.

  • Outsourced Chief Investment Officer

    Investment services to suit the level of engagement that’s right for you. Aon provides a flexible outsourced chief investment officer (OCIO) solution — from traditional investment advisory consulting to partial delegation to an OCIO. Our platform is an open architecture, providing more customized solutions for clients.

  • Alternatives Investments

    By first understanding your unique portfolio objectives and composition, hedge fund allocation goals, liquidity needs and complexity tolerance, we uncover opportunities across alternatives, including private equity, private debt and hedge funds.

  • Operational Due Diligence

    Aon’s proprietary solution, ODD IQ, comprehensively reviews how an asset management firm is run. ODD IQ* helps investors identify and quantify operational risks to make informed, consistent decisions, enhancing their qualitative evaluations.

  • Real Asset Solutions

    The Townsend Group,* an Aon company, is a global team of practitioners in real asset solutions including real estate, infrastructure, and agriculture. The group aims to create opportunities by drawing upon a worldwide, multimanager investment platform.

  • Responsible Investing

    Aon’s dedicated team can help your organization make more informed, and more responsible, investment decisions.

  • Diverse Manager Initatives

    Aon partners with clients to educate, provide guidance on ways to achieve diversity goals, increase diverse manager exposure and identify implementation options.

Endowments and Foundations

Aon helps non-profits meet their investment objectives in various market environments. The team partners with you to understand your organization’s mission, risk tolerance investment strategies and performance.


For over 40 years, Aon has supported the missions of endowments, foundations, healthcare, higher education, faith-based and other non-profit organizations.

Aon also has specialist teams focused on:

Non-Profit Healthcare

Non-profit healthcare organizations face uncertainty in healthcare economics and lower investment return expectations. Aon consultants help align your portfolios with broader risk management frameworks and incorporate new metrics. Our core capabilities also include:

  • Metrics and management
  • Investment strategy design, portfolio allocation and rebalancing
  • Integrated asset risk analysis, flexible investment solutions and a broad network of healthcare experts

*Operational Due Diligence is conducted by Aon’s Operational Risk Solutions and Analytics Group (ORSA). ORSA, The Townsend Group, Custody and Lending Advisory Services and Fiduciary Services are provided by separate business units from Aon Investments USA Inc.

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