Operational Due Diligence

Operational Due Diligence

Learn how your organization can benefit from operational due diligence. 

What is Operational Due Diligence?

Operational due diligence (ODD) helps clients identify operational risks in investment management. This includes pre-investment ODD and a range of additional operational monitoring and consulting services.

Why is ODD Important?

ODD can help identify operational risks among investment managers, including environments that may be susceptible to fraud, blow up, reputational, or alpha degenerative risks. Aon’s ODD program covers hundreds of investment managers and strategies each year, globally and across all asset classes.

Aon's ODD IQ Platform

Aon’s Operational Risk and Solutions (ORSA) group provides ODD and monitoring for Aon Investments and its clients. Services are also available to external clients not currently using Aon Investments for other investment consulting services. ORSA has developed a proprietary ODD IQ platform for operational monitoring and consulting services.

ODD IQ allows clients to increase their scope of coverage while committing fewer resources to an ODD program overall, particularly regarding ongoing monitoring. Automated reporting capabilities allow for a range of service levels. Users can customize their experience based on resource capabilities, risk tolerance and subject matter expertise.

Benefits of the ODD IQ Platform

  • Better Understanding of Risks

    Managers collect data through a smart questionnaire covering approximately 200 predefined risk factors; ODD IQ output includes comparative analytics to help assess and understand potential risks.

  • Detailed Risk Reporting

    Our ODD reporting and methodology are designed to quickly identify potential exposures, whether to an individual manager or across a multi-manager portfolio.

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