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We help you recover through our incident response & claims solutions.

Stroz Friedberg Incident Response

Under attack? We’ll send in an elite team of breach responders.

Stroz Friedberg Digital Forensics

When you need to know what happened, our elite investigators use cutting-edge digital forensics labs and techniques to look under every stone.


Born in cyber security, we are the model for a new era in comprehensive eDiscovery best practices.

Incident Response Retainer

In a breach, an Incident Response Retainer means we cut to the chase.

Expert Witness Testimony

In serious litigation, you need expert witnesses you, and the court, can trust. Our experts deliver testimony for organisations across virtually all matters involving digital evidence.

Digital Evidence Preservation

Don’t touch it. You’ll give them the upper hand.

Privacy Compliance Assessment

Help keep the regulators away.

Complex Cyber Claims Preparation

Helping get your capital back sooner.

Cyber Claims Advocacy

Cyber claims are complex. Good thing we know the complexities.

Workplace Misconduct Investigations

Do you suspect or are you looking to prove employee misconduct? We'll help uncover the facts.