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Why Choose Aon?

Higher demand for returns and tougher competition are making private equity and corporate M&A more risk averse than ever. With credit institutions more demanding and investors more aware, there's also greater pressure for accurate facts, figures and forecasts. Meanwhile, globalisation and cross-border proliferation means private equity houses and corporates are often dealing in unfamiliar sectors and regions. At Aon, our aim is to help create sustainable value in your mergers, acquisitions and disposals from entry to exit.

Who We Serve

Private Equity Firms

Aon provides solutions and personalised services to our Private Equity clients. Our team, comprised of lawyers and experienced M&A professionals, works to translate the complex financial uncertainty of a deal to uncover opportunities, drive greater returns and help maximise deal success. As one of the global leaders in M&A risk management and transaction liability insurance, we have helped many firms realise deal success. With our passion for developing new and creative solutions and globally coordinated teams, we can help you assess and manage deals across industries and across the globe at every stage of the deal lifecycle.


As corporations look to grow their businesses, enter new markets or restructure their organisation, Aon supports their efforts with tailored solutions to meet their unique and wide-ranging needs. From advising on the use of transaction liability to stay competitive in the deal process to protecting your balance sheet from tax uncertainty to managing the scope of a potentially catastrophic lawsuit, our knowledge and experience with M&A and transactions can help you bring certainty to uncertain events and help your company realise its goals.

Lawyers and Professional Services Advisors

Trust is crucial to your relationships with your clients. As former lawyers and M&A professionals, the M&A and Transaction Solutions team understands this and works tirelessly to align your efforts with comprehensive solutions for each and every deal. Our first-hand knowledge of the deal cycle, deal timing and the need for flawless coordination allows us to deliver our customised solutions to help strengthen your position and further deepen your client relationships.