The investment challenges faced by not-for-profit organisations, in most respects, are the same as those faced by commercial investors – most obviously higher inflation, higher interest rates, financial market volatility and uncertain economic growth.

At Aon, we believe that not-for-profit organisations of all sizes should be able to access the absolute best in investment advice and services, to achieve the same standards of capital preservation and income generation expected by other institutional investors.

What we do

Aon’s strategic investment advisers and asset management experts bring their deep investment knowledge, best ideas and operational excellence to not-for-profit investment portfolios to cut through investment complexity and keep pace with market opportunities.

We work with trustees of charities, endowments and foundations to build a deep understanding of their return objective, risk tolerance, spending plans, responsible investment views, and governance concerns.

Together, we develop an optimal investment strategy and execution plan designed to:

  • Increase portfolio efficiency
  • Manage investment risks
  • Access best-in-class funds
  • Address ESG and responsible investment considerations
  • Achieve strategy and fund-level fee-savings.
“The continually expanding scope and complexity of investments has increased the need among not-for-profit organisations for deep investment experience, agile decision-making and execution and sound investment governance.”

Matt Hurshman
Associate Partner & Not-for-Profit Investment Specialist

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Why work with us

Our investment philosophy is shaped by the view that each not-for-profit organisation is unique. By partnering with Aon, you can be sure that your investment strategy will be tailored and aligned to meet your distinct objectives and desired outcomes.

As one of the world’s largest investment firms, advising $4tn of institutional assets globally and managing entire portfolios with assets of $150bn combined, Aon brings the best of both strategic investment and asset management expertise to our clients’ portfolios.

Our size and market position means our clients can benefit from our asset allocation and manager research insights, robust investment operations capability, best investment ideas and buying power to secure competitive fees from asset managers.

Services we offer include:

  • Strategic and tactical investment advice to meet your risk and return objectives and keep pace with market opportunities
  • Selecting investment managers, drawing on our deep, global manager research expertise across all asset classes
  • ESG & Responsible Investing, to align your investments with your organisation’s mission
  • Investment governance, to support your investment decision-making, implementation processes and regulatory adherence
  • Benchmarking and fee savings, delivered through our size and market position to ensure implementation of your investment strategy at a lower cost to you.
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