Case Studies

Client situation:

A large global client wished to use a captive type structure in order to participate in the 'upside' of its insurance programme but did not wish to take on the administrative and cost burden of a stand-alone captive subsidiary.

Aon approach:

As Aon is uniquely positioned as the owner of protected cell and incorporated cell structures in Bermuda, District of Columbia, Gibraltar, Guernsey, Isle of Man and Malta, we were able to assess the viability of a White Rock cell solution for the particular client and proceeded setting up a retention cell.

White Rock delivers distinctive client value & impact:

We were able to structure the solution in a way that meant a minimal net risk retention and as a result a minimal 'risk gap'. As White Rock arrangements cannot carry any risk gap it meant the cost of funding the gap by a letter of credit was minimal. The client was able to obtain the benefits of a captive solution without the associated costs, regulatory capital requirements or administration burden.