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To support investors to diversify their investments, manage their risk and minimise their governance burden, we offer a range of actively-managed pooled strategies from across the asset class spectrum.

For simplicity, we broadly group each of our strategies into one of three categories: growth, defensive and diversifiers:

Growth asset solutions – designed to deliver higher returns over the long term, we offer a range of strategies to match different risk and return profiles including: Active Global Equity, Global Impact, Emerging Market Equity, Global Multi-Factor Equity, Global Core real Estate, Active Global Fixed Income, Sustainable Multi-Asset Credit.

Defensive asset solutions – designed to preserve capital, with lower investment risk and more stable returns over the short and long term. Strategies include: Diversified Liquid Credit and Low Risk Bonds.

Diversified asset solutions – a range of multi-asset funds supporting schemes to diversify their portfolio, while seeking attractive levels of investment returns with lower volatility. Strategies include: Managed Growth, Diversified Alternatives, Active Diversifiers.

All our funds consider and integrate various Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors, which we believe is beneficial from both a return and risk standpoint.

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