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Adapting to change: The Big Interview - Tim Giles – November 2021
Professional Pensions editor Jonathan Stapleton talks to Aon’s Tim Giles about the pace of change in pensions and key investment challenges ahead.

Cyber risk, pensions and investment – October 2021
Paul McGlone looks at how those managing pension schemes can tackle cyber risk in this article which was first published in Pensions Age.

Fiduciary: The secret sauce to achieve your sustainability goals – September 2021
Philippa Allen and Sam Segameglio at Aon discuss why a fiduciary management approach to responsible investment can help trustees achieve their sustainable investment goals. This article was first published in Pensions Age.

Cyber risk, pensions and investment – September 2021
Cyber risk has risen quickly up the agenda for pension schemes. Paul McGlone considers how schemes are dealing with the issue, and specifically how it applies to scheme assets. This article was first published in Portfolio Institutional.

The divestment dilemma – September 2021
Jennifer O’Neill of Aon says schemes have a choice: divest capital to address climate risks or engage to influence change. This article was first published in Professional Pensions.

Saving for tomorrow – July 2021
Joanna Sharples considers how today’s pension savings can shape tomorrow’s world. This article was first published in Pensions Age.

Finding the benefits of ESG integration – July 2021
In our latest article, Mark Jeavons of Aon says the many benefits to schemes of ESG considerations mean that they will play an important role in setting scheme strategies. First published in Professional Pensions.

Investment Consultants Sustainability Working Group (ICSWG) endorses Impact Investing Institute Principles – April 2021
The Investment Consultants Sustainability Working Group (ICSWG) endorses the Impact Investing Principles for Pensions from the Impact Investing Institute in partnership with Pensions for Purpose. The Principles are a set of guidelines on how to initiate, implement, review and measure an impact strategy.

Incorporating diversity & inclusion in investment decisions – March 2021
In this article for PMI, Aon’s Geri McMahon and Jennifer O’Neill explore why considering diversity and inclusion can lead to better investment decisions.

Investment Consultants Sustainability Working Group (ICSWG) launches a trustee guide for assessing consultants’ climate competency – January 2021
The Investment Consultants Sustainability Working Group (ICSWG) has launched a guide to support trustees to assess their investment consultants on their climate competency. The ICSWG is a collaboration between 17 firms, including Aon, formed in 2020 taking action to support and accelerate sustainable investment initiatives in the UK.

A changed world needs changed governance. Are you prepared? – November 2020
Tony Baily and Sonia Gogna of Aon say trustee boards must adjust to the new reality. This article was first published in Professional Pensions.

COVID and pensions decisions – October 2020
Emily McGuire looks at five ways in which COVID-19 is reshaping pensions decision-making in this article first published in Pensions Age.

A little less conversation, a little more action please – October 2020
Trustees have no reason to ignore ESG when investing, says Aon’s Tim Manuel in this latest article published in Professional Pensions.

Reaching the end
Lucy Barron looks at minimising risk and maximising flexibility for scheme endgames. No aspect of investment has been left untouched by the Covid-19 pandemic, and pension scheme endgame strategies are no exception.
This article was first published in Pensions Age.

Aon investment expert speaks on CNBC about outlook for rest of 2020 (1 July)
Markets have ‘extreme’ expectations for economic recovery, says Tapan Datta, head of global asset allocation at Aon. Watch the CNBC interview where Tapan shares his outlook for the second half of 2020.

COVID-19 - How Aon managed investments through a crisis – May 2020
In market turmoil, benefits of delegated come to the forefront.

Aon - Fiduciary Management Firm of the Year – March 2020
This year’s winner of the Fiduciary Management Firm of the Year demonstrated its continued excellence in delivering exceptional service and performance to its clients.

Winning the pensions endgame – March 2020
2019 was a record year for UK pension scheme buyouts. The market was dominated by ten large transactions, six of which Aon advised on.

Multi-asset roundtable – January 2020
Aon’s Alex den Braber joins industry experts to assess the dynamic role multi-asset credit can play in pension portfolios today

Embracing illiquid assets – November 2019
Aon’s Emily McGuire discusses the continuing interest in illiquid asset classes and why pension scheme investors expect to increase or make allocations to less liquid assets in the year ahead. First published in portfolio institutional.

Impact investing – for people, planet and pensions – October 2019
Tim Manuel, UK head of responsible investment, explores the drivers and benefits of impact investing, a fast-growing area. First published in Pensions Age.

Endgame the focus for pension scheme investment – October 2019
Why are pension schemes reducing their equity holdings and embracing alternatives and illiquids? Emily McGuire investigates. First published in Pensions Age.

Factor investing roundtable – October 2019
Asset owners with factor-based investing exposure are having a tough time. Should investors stick with their factor-based strategies? Aon’s Andy Peach debates alongside a panel of fellow pensions experts.

What makes an award-winning multi-asset manager? – September 2019
Aon was recently crowned Multi-asset Manager of the Year at the European Pensions Awards. In winning, we were praised for our ‘strong performance and keenness to innovate’, along with our ‘effective engagement with trustees’. Read more about our investment solutions, our asset management expertise and why our multi-asset solutions were rewarded for meeting the diverse needs of DB schemes.

Managing volatility: riders of the storm – April 2019
Aon’s Tapan Datta joined industry experts at a portfolio institutional roundtable to discuss market expectations in the year ahead.
Includes a paper penned by Tapan: What is a transition environment?

The many facets of multi-asset – April 2019
Adrian Mitchel joins a panel of experts to discuss the definition of multi-asset investing, and how different multi-asset strategies and approaches can play a part in pension portfolios today.

Alternative investing: happy returns – February 2019
The influence of alternative assets on defined benefit (DB) pension schemes’ ability to pay member benefits is expected to remain strong. Portfolio institutional’ s Mark Dunne hosted a roundtable with Aon’s Jeffrey Malluck and industry experts to explore why.


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