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Our commitment to responsible investing

Aon’s position as one of the world’s leading investment advisers and delegated investment managers gives us an extensive view, and wealth of experience, dealing with the most pressing economic and investment risks and opportunities facing organisations and institutional investors.

Our teams are dedicated to bringing this experience to your responsible investment challenges, empowering you to protect and secure your pension scheme members’ retirement income, enhance your investment returns and position your schemes to meet the increasing demands on your operational strategy.

We have publicly-available Responsible Investment and Stewardship policies, and a strong track record of demonstrating our commitment to responsible investing:

  • As a global signatory to the PRI – we were the first professional services firm, and among the first of the investment advisory firms, to make a global commitment.
  • As participants in the original 2005 Paris Workshop, which started the process leading to the establishment of the PRI.
  • As a signatory to the PSI — we are represented on the PS Board, which works to develop frameworks for the insurance industry to address ESG risks and opportunities.
  • As Chair of the Investment Leaders Group, an investor-led initiative facilitated by the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL) and the University of Cambridge.
  • As founding members of ClimateWise, an insurance industry-led organisation — we chaired a European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) working group on physical climate risk, culminating in a major report Advancing TCFD Guidance On Physical Climate Risks and Opportunities.
  • As innovators applying behavioural science to responsible investment decision-making — we developed the unique Responsible Investment ViewPoints methodology to establish and understand scheme-specific beliefs around ESG opportunities and risks, adopted by over 70 of our clients.
  • As global thought leaders publishing Aon’s Global Perspectives on Responsible Investing, developing a wealth of educational materials and establishing opportunities to exchange ideas through Aon’s Responsible Investment Network.

Let's talk about your responsible investment needs today. Email us at talktous@aon.com.


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