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Entertainment Risk Management

Aon has a specialist team dedicated to arranging insurance for the entertainment and recreation sectors. We look to develop a deep understanding of the exposures faced by performers, promoters and organisations, and how those risks can ultimately be managed resulting in the most efficient outcome.

Specialist insurance services

As a team we work with a wide range of organisations, including:

  • Pop and rock bands
  • Exhibition organisers
  • Event organisers
  • Sponsors
  • Broadcasters
  • Lotteries, game shows and online gaming
  • Federations and associations
  • Livestock and bloodstock owners

Products offered

We have developed a range of insurance covers designed to cover the risks faced by these organisations. We have access to specialist insurers who understand these requirements and are able to provide competitive terms and a proven claims settlement record. These products include:

Event Cancellation - to protect exhibition and event organisers against financial loss following the cancellation, postponement, curtailment, abandonment, relocation of the planned event.

Event Liability - public liability cover for exhibition and event organisers.
Non-Appearance - to protect promoters, managers and event organisers against financial loss or contractual commitments due to the non-appearance of artists or key individuals at an event.

Transmission Failure - to protect broadcasters against loss of revenue due to failure of the TV broadcast.

Weatherday - to protect advertising agents or producers against additional costs and expenses should specified weather conditions occur during a photo or film shoot.

Broadcasters E&O - legal liability for financial loss resulting from a negligent act error or omission.

Contractual Bonus Insurance - insurance protection for a sponsor offering a prize or incentive bonus being awarded upon achieving a specified feat eg world record.

Prize Indemnity Insurance - insurance against payments made for a statistical or probability based prize eg game shows, lotteries.

Over Redemption - insurance to limit the financial liability associated with a sales promotion.  Money-off coupons, trial offers, 2 for 1 and other promotional sales incentives should redemptions occur in excess of a pre-agreed trigger point.

Livestock - coverage for all risk of mortality; restricted perils; limited government slaughter; accidental and external injury; business interruption, transit; theft.

Bloodstock - financial protection for owners of bloodstock, sport horses, show jumpers, dressage horses, breeders, stables and studs following all risks of mortality, congenital (first season) infertility, infertility due to accident, sickness and disease, limited loss of use on sports horses, prospective foal/barrenness insurance, transit and liability.

Last updated 12 June 2015

Aon UK Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. FP6822.09.11

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