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Today's growing challenges for the food and drink sector

Industry change drivers from regulatory to sustainability, to mounting pressure for owners to stay in business, to increasing product recalls and supply chain complexity - these are issues that impact food and drink companies and affect their business from a risk standpoint.

Key risks for the sector
Aon's Global Risk Management Survey 2015* uncovers the top 3 risks facing the food and drink industry:

  • Commodity price risk
  • Damage to brand and reputation
  • Regulatory/legislative changes

Traditional risk areas such as public liability, product liability, employers' liability, and business interruption are growing in complexity, while evolving risks, such as commodity price rises, reputation and brand damage, product recall, supply chain disruption, regulatory change, and environmental risks create a greater duty of care and add to the burden and cost of insurance and risk management.

It is important that any insurance and risk management programme translates to these traditional and evolving risks in order that your business can meet stakeholder expectations.

Aon food and drink insurance and risk management solutions
With such a wide cross section of clients, you can be confident in our understanding of the risks you face. We work closely with the reputable insurance markets that you would expect, have access to a large group of food and drink sector experts and specialist solutions from across the Aon network.

Our strength in the food and drink sector and portfolio of clients we hold means that we can help you derive relevant conclusions; understand creative options and strategies to mitigate your risks.



Last updated 21 December 2016
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*Aon 2015 Global Risk Management Survey. Benchmark Report for: Industry Grouping - Food Processing and Distribution/ Beverages (55 respondents)

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