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Environmental Risk Management

Most companies – not just those directly involved with hazardous materials – are vulnerable to exposure to the cost and liabilities of environmental risk. Aon's environmental services team can analyse, quantify, mitigate, and transfer your company's risks to give you coverage tailored to protect and benefit your business. Analysis of your potential exposure to environmental risk can identify at-risk operations, liabilities related to purchase or sale, compliance with regulations and potential remediation.

Benefit from our specialised knowledge

Environmental insurance brokerage and risk management consulting requires specialised skills, knowledge and relationships. With Aon you get:

  • An insurance broker and risk management consultant who understands your business and can articulate your requirements to insurers
  • Experienced professionals to help you develop a cost-effective programme that can provide protection from environmental risks
  • An insurance broker to develop an effective strategy to market your insurance programme with qualified insurers
  • Professionals skilled in developing policies that help protect your company’s operation and financial results

Last updated 21 August 2017

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