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Aon understands the challenges faced by fleet operators in managing the cost of motor related incidents and ensuring that Duty of Care responsibilities are met. These responsibilities place a significant burden on organisations to understand and manage the risks associated with employees who drive at work. The potential for significant liability and incident-related costs requires organisations like yours to develop robust and effective motor fleet management systems and operational processes.

Aon Fleet Complete offers a full package of services essential to the successful management and control of commercial, business and grey fleets. Fleet Complete is a comprehensive and structured programme including:

  • Total Cost of Risk Analysis and Claims Benchmarking
  • Assessment of Occupational Road Risk focussed on drivers, vehicles and journeys
  • Examination and development of policies, processes and fleet operations
  • Risk Management solutions to reduce incident rates and associated costs

Fleet Complete provides risk management solutions that help our clients to:

  • Understand and reduce both known and hidden incident-related costs and the causes of poor loss performance
  • Optimise the motor insurance programme and provide the opportunity for informed choices regarding risk appetite and risk retention thresholds
  • Develop robust and fit-for-purpose policies, processes and management systems
  • Lower operational costs and make efficient use of assets
  • Document the required evidence of meeting Duty of Care obligations for audit and other
    stakeholder purposes
  • Protect their brand and reputation from the consequences of motor incidents


Last updated 3 July 2013

Aon UK Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. FP7334

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