Mergers & Aquisitions

Mergers & Acquisitions

Aon Strategic Advisors & Transaction Solutions

The role of the practice is to serve as a trusted advisor to clients undergoing a business change or transition. The goal of Aon Strategic Advisors & Transaction Solutions (ASATS) is to work collaboratively with all the practices to deliver integrated capability and new, high-impact solutions that are highly relevant to our clients.

ASATS is a global practice group providing innovative risk management, business transformation, human capital and insurance solutions to clients undertaking acquisitions, mergers, divestitures or organic growth strategies into new markets or territories.

Aon’s global leverage secure best price and cover, as we are no. 1 or no. 2 trading partner with every insurer globally. Aon globally transacts more than $41 billion insurance and reinsurance premiums per annum. Our dedicated European Private Equity team comprises of dedicated transaction liability experts, dedicated due diligence experts across offices in Europe. We have 350+ dedicated M&A professionals globally with a variety of backgrounds working across four continents. We are supported by 70,000 risk management, insurance, brokerage, and human capital consulting colleagues, offering exceptional global and regional knowledge. Our team is available 24/7 – before, during and after a transaction, ensuring a successful merger or acquisition. ASATS are experienced and provide tailored advice – by having delivered over 5,000 projects globally in the past 5 years as legally qualified transaction liability specialists and 25+ years of service to corporate and private equity clients.

Aon was the first company to develop leveraged buying programs and offer private equity, risk and human capital-related due diligence. We have placed the largest Warranty & Indemnity, Litigation Buy-out and Tax Indemnity programmes in the market to date, and are leaders in the development of new transactional solutions.

For more information about Aon Strategic Advisors & Transaction Solutions services, please contact the local representatives Rikke Falsner, or visit our global website, which expand on services, Capabilities, Insight and Case Studies.

Transaction Liability Solutions

Warranty & Indemnity (W&I) insurance cover losses arising from a breach of a seller warranty (unknown matters). It is essentially a strategic tool financing the seller’s warranty breach risks in a Share Purchase Agreement (SPA). W&I is relevant if the seller want to maximize the sale’s proceeds; accelerate distribution of funds; control the process (by creating a level playing field in an auction process); lower the execution risks; limit the SPA liability; replace escrow and/or secure a material clean exit. A buyer should consider the solution to secure customary/adequate warranties (seller may provide limited warranties and caps), get greater protection and extend survival periods in excess of the SPA; avoid opaque seller SPV structures; wish to decreasing the seller’s credit risk exposure; provide comfort to financiers or future buyers by assigning the policy etc. If multiple sellers are involved, a buyer can claim against the policy.

Identified known matter risk transfer solutions are available as a bespoke risk transfer solutions – often where material tax, environmental or litigation exposures are identified and quantified.

Risk and People Due Diligence


Aon’s superior due diligence services provide financial, insurance, pensions and employee benefits transaction support for enhanced investment, pricing and strategic decision making. Throughout the due diligence process, we liaise with your other providers to ensure thorough and coordinated analyses and cost effective solutions. Our merger consultants focus on deal-related issues and share findings with you in real-time to have immediate impact on your business dealings. Our clear and succinct reports offer a better understanding of historical, current and future risks.

Recognizing the imperative to cut costs, we have developed a suite of services designed to systematically identify opportunities and strategies for cost reduction to accelerate value creation, reduce the volatility of financial results and increase exit realizations.