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Protecting your Assets, both Tangible and Intangible

The speed of growth within the Digital Economy is resulting in an unprecedented risk landscape, one that must be navigated to protect new business models and enable innovation and scalability. Insurance and risk need to be high on the agenda, but costs can be limiting for digital organisations, and this can cause a barrier to growth.

Extending risk considerations across both tangible and intangible assets is crucial for digital organisations. This includes Insurance, Cyber and Business Interruption coverage, and Intellectual Property (IP) protection.

Aon’s UK & EMEA Digital Economy team brings new solutions to solve for the emerging needs of clients who are experiencing differentiated challenges because of their digital business models. Our bespoke, data-driven solutions serve clients that are typically within three distinct areas of the digital economy: future mobility, platform marketplaces, and the future of work.

Key Risk Challenges for Growing Digital Businesses:

  • Protecting IP
  • Platform Cyber risk
  • Cost control
  • Reputational risk
  • Navigating regulatory risk

Aon’s Risk Management and Advisory Solutions Can Support Your Organisation Throughout its Life Cycle:

Start-Up Organisations

Scale-Up / Growth Organisations

Established Enterprise Organisations

Maturity & Exit

How Aon Can Help: Data Driven Risk Management Solutions for Digital Organisations

Aon’s Digital Economy team has in-depth industry knowledge and broking experience. We build bespoke solutions for complex business challenges that enable our clients’ business models and facilitate their ability to scale.


Aon provides specialty broking solutions across numerous insurance product lines including General Liability, Motor / Auto Liability, Employers’ Liability, Microinsurance, Contractual Liability (CLIPs), and Personal Accident.

Importantly, most programmes are Usage Based, tied to growth metrics - so the protection scales with the business. Most metrics are flexible and adaptable to best represent the risk e.g., rental days, hours of use, number of trips/deliveries made, revenue, or provider volume.

We work with insurers differently, looking for carriers have that disruptive mindset, the right capacity and are willing to underwrite in a way that matches the needs of the client. This includes using specialist third parties or MGAs to support with the collation, consolidation, and interpretation of complex data.

Cyber and Business Interruption

Digital transformation and increasing changes to the security threat and regulatory landscape requires digital organisations to take a holistic approach to managing cyber risks. Cyber-attacks are becoming more frequent, more targeted, more sophisticated, and most costly. This, combined with insurers focusing on improved profitability, means that we are facing the most challenging cyber threat landscape yet.

Navigating this complex situation is challenging, and organisations are unsure of the next best decision when it comes to managing cyber risk. Aon partners with organisations to assess and manage Cyber risk. By developing relevant quantified risk scenarios and assessing control effectiveness against these loss models, organisations can quickly decide how to best allocate budget to maximize resilience.

IP Strategy, Valuation, and Protection

Intangible assets including IP are at the very core of a digital first organisation’s offering, making the security and protection of those assets critical. This IP includes patents, trade secrets, know-how, copyrights, trademarks / brand, data rights, source code, regulatory rights, and domain names.

Aon’s specialist IP team can facilitate your IP strategy, valuation, and protection – and can support on unlocking the value of IP to raise funding.

Transition Risk

Climate change is a mega trend creating emerging risks and opportunities. For many organisations in the digital economy, this accelerates the shift to affordable green energy. Aon can support your organisation through navigating the effect of Climate change risk and its impact on your tangible and intangible assets, or the transition to green energy using new capital pools.

Working with Aon - Outcomes for your Organisation include:

De-risk your Balance Sheet:

Protecting your assets, both tangible and intangible is paramount to driving sustainable growth.

De-risking your balance sheet is also crucial in positioning your organisation favourably in the eyes of potential investors.

Protect Profit:

Protecting your platform and growing organisation from risks including cyber and ransomware attacks.

A strategic approach to cyber security is circular and iterative, and importantly – informed by data.

Build Trust & Credibility

Managing your risks provides guarantees to your providers and customers and builds trust – fundamental to building long-term loyalty and brand recognition.

Aon Supports you to De-Risk Your Business

Aon’s Digital Economy team sits within the Global Broking Centre - a global centre of excellence, with vast experience in working with digital businesses. Our dedicated team of experts, with over 20+ years of experience, and global reach - deliver bespoke and highly customisable placement and coverage, ensuring your business is protected across your platform, providers and customers.

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