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Dispelling the myths behind insolvencies

Dispelling the myths behind insolvencies

In the last twelve months we’ve seen a whole raft of high profile names go out of business including Toys R Us, Maplin, Palmer & Harvey, as well as Carillion. Can all these really be one-offs? Read more

Dealing with a merger in Public Services

Trading Perspective UK market

Market Insights, Technical Advice & Insurance Capacity updates from the Aon Credit Solutions team. Read more

Trading Perspectives USA

In-depth risk analysis includes perspectives from our team on the ground, who are on the pulse of local market dynamics and macro-economic trends.Read more

Supply chain financing unlocks working capital

Supply chain finance - an innovative way to help manage liquidity risk. Read more

Too big to fail? - high profile insolvencies

Credit risk profiling is changing for many businesses, following recent high profile insolvencies. Read more

Trading Perspectives Gulf Cooperation Council

Aon’s new Trading Perspectives report has a focus on the Gulf Cooperation Council market. Read more

What does macro trends in Trade Credit mean for business?

While every trading sector can be different it is worth noting that a toxic mix of huge debt, declining sales, shrinking customer base and cutthroat competition have laid the foundations of a number of business failures since the financial crisis. Read more

Important upcoming accounting standard changes

The new IFRS 9 rules, and equivalent US GAAP standards are aimed at increasing the accuracy and transparency of how credit risk is represented on a company’s Balance Sheet and P&L. Read more


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