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Our innovation

Our innovation

Reducing our own impact is the first step in ‘walking the talk.’ As a global leader focused on risk and people issues, we are able to help our clients reduce their environmental impacts through our innovative products and services. Aon has a leading renewable energy team that places risk in the market for some of the biggest renewable projects in the UK.

Our award winning Trio product for mid-market clients is unique in its standard inclusion of a ‘sustainable reinstatement’ clause. This allows for damaged property to be replaced in an environmentally friendly way using more efficient and sustainable materials/appliances than previously existed on the site at no extra cost to the client. Trio also includes an option for a ‘resilient repair’ clause. This enables damaged property to be rebuilt in a way that will make it more resilient against future risks, such as wind or flood, which is increasingly of concern in a changing climate.

Aon Hewitt has a leading socially responsible investment (SRI) team that looks into ways clients can improve the sustainability credentials of their investment portfolios while still reaching their investment return objectives. Indeed, as a professional service partner of the UN Principles for Responsible Investment, Aon Hewitt has embedded these practices into its daily operations.

We continue to look for new opportunities to develop innovative products and services that help mitigate risk for our clients and enable them to reduce their environmental impact. If you have any ideas on new products with a sustainability dimension, or are interested in what’s new in the low-carbon marketplace, contact Simon Johnson to discuss further. 


Aon is a founding member of the ClimateWise insurance industry initiative focused on the risks and opportunities climate change presents the sector.  As the first broker involved in the initiative, Aon provides its unique client-focused perspectives on the challenge of climate change with the wider ClimateWise membership. We have participated in two key collaborations – sustainable claims management, the role of insurers in adaptation, and how insurers can help to commercialise carbon capture and storage technology.

Last updated 23 October 2012

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