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Defined Contribution Pension Plans

The scale of change in Defined Contribution (DC) pensions over the past few years has been unprecedented, with the auto-enrolment of millions of employees and more recently, new legislation to provide greater flexibility and protection for scheme members. Although welcome and positive, the extent and speed of change means that DC plans have become considerably more complex to run and the risks in doing so have escalated.

Ben Roe
DC schemes are now the main source of pensions provision for many employees. Our focus is firmly on helping our clients, and the industry, to deliver better member outcomes - Ben Roe, Aon

Aon has been working with employers and trustees of DC plans for many years. Our expertise in DC pensions is built on our wealth of market data, renowned consultancy services and our range of innovative pension solutions. As a leading global pensions and benefits provider, we think hard about the issues that affect our extensive range of clients and see different approaches used to resolve them. We can offer a complete range of services to bring rigour to DC plan design, member communications and engagement, investment and governance helping you to find solutions to move your scheme in the right direction and to deliver better outcomes for your members.

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