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Crisis Management Support for post COVID-19 reopening

As we see our clients slowly starting to open up their businesses again, there are many complex issues to face.

Our Crisis Support Centre can help organisations navigate towards ‘the new normal’ by providing advice, coaching and support.

We help to develop the intellectual, cultural, organizational and logistical capabilities required to prepare, respond and rebuild the organization following the COVID-19 lockdown. We could also help you prepare for any future events or ‘second’ wave of COVID-19.

Crisis Support Centre

  • The service is based on a monthly subscription
  • Includes 1-2 initial consultancy review (s)
  • A tailored support plan put in place; whether it is coaching on the job, or assistance with frameworks and developing scenarios
  • Up to 8 hours’ additional online (video) custom support and coaching per month
  • Clients are provided with customized tools

Example case studies

  • The Board of a hospital group wanted on-the-job coaching during their crisis team meetings and the individual performance of crisis team members. We coached them on crisis protocols and procedures, scenario thinking and advised them in preparing for the next phase of the COVID-19 crisis, setting new targets and communication strategies.
  • We helped and advised a large international publisher to develop generic and country specific approaches to managing the COVID-19 crisis, taking the different perceptions of risk and the cultural differences into account.
  • We advised a local government authority who was struggling to define their approach managing the COVID-19 crisis. We provided coaching to the strategic team, around focusing on impact, adjusting their crisis management structure and established a new operational structure.
  • A multinational food distributer, wanted to prepare for business resumption. Aon helped them build a ‘reopening framework’, by setting up and training an internal project team and drawing up new agreements with suppliers.

Interested in subscribing to the services of Aon’s Crisis Support Centre? Please feel free to contact us.

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