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Modern businesses operate in a global and connected economy. This means factors like political uncertainty, disruptive tech and climate change are creating big opportunities – and risks. Aon’s wealth of expertise is here to empower what you do. Our industry specialists and thought leaders discuss the most pressing issues businesses are facing today and develop insights – driven by proprietary data and analytics, technology and advisory services – to help clients reduce volatility and improve business performance. Read Aon’s latest insights below.

UK COVID-19 Resources

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How COVID-19 is Changing Cyber Security for Retailers

Transportation and logistics ‘reshapes’ post-pandemic with a focus on people and assets

Businesses must look at climate transition more holistically

Insuring an Organisation’s Culture in the Food, Agribusiness and Beverage Sector

Building Reputational Resilience in the Food, Agribusiness and Beverage Sector

M&A insurance: boring uncle or cool cousin?

Weather, Climate and Catastrophe Insight: 2020 Annual Report

London Market Review 2021

Market Update 2021: Preparing for the Year Ahead

Helping Organizations Chart a Course to The New Better

Introducing the ‘In Conversation’ Series: Bringing an insurance and risk lens to some of Europe’s greater challenges

D&O Talk Track: Staying Alert in the D&O Market

The Impact of a Global Pandemic on the Art Market

The Growing Impact of COVID-19

The Work Travel Convene Coalition

Political risk concerns heightened by COVID-19

COVID-19 Fuels Threat of Civil Unrest

The Far-Right Terrorism Threat Grows

Insolvency Law - Technical Bulletin

Market Update 2020 with Aon's Broking Leaders

COVID-19: supporting employee wellbeing

Time for Life Sciences firms to take a new look at credit insurance

Retail reshapes for the post-pandemic shopper

COVID-19 & the Technology Sector

Financial institutions reshape for the challenges ahead

Decision making is crucial to navigating through times of uncertainty

Keeping the lights on during the COVID-19 crisis

How the food and drink sector can use credit insurance to ride out the storm

Energy sector hit by COVID-19 demand shock

Credit insurance in a global recession. Composure and long-term thinking.

How is the art world reacting to the risks posed by COVID-19?

New Aon pulse survey finds companies in the UK and mainland Europe focusing on cost reduction to deal with effects of COVID-19

COVID-19 leaves businesses urgently looking for ways to weather the pandemic storm

Gaining a competitive advantage through credit insurance

Surety bonds come to a patent’s defence

Credit insurance plays starring role in big money football transfers

Q1 2020 - Financial Lines Market update

Cyber Criminals on the Hunt for IP riches

UK Budget 2020

5 easy steps to support your employees’ financial wellbeing

London Insight 2019: Preparing for the biggest risks in a brave new world

Weather, Climate & Catastrophe Insight 2019 Annual Report

Benefits and Trends Survey

Global Mobility: The Future of International Assignments

Aon’s Global Emotional Health Survey 2019

Cyber risk indigestion for the food, agricultural, and beverage sector

Mixing the right ingredients for a perfect M&A

Regional Insight 2019: In an uncertain world – how risk ready are you?

Challenging the Board perception of intangible value

Don’t overlook the IP in M&A

How retailers can avert a cyber crisis

The extension of the Senior Managers Regime

Building cyber resilience in an interconnected world

Picking up the pieces: When a cyber-attack hits

Cyber-security: An ongoing journey

Cyber risk: Counting the cost

In a Disaster, Social Media #Connects

Reputational damage and cyber risk go hand in hand

Climate change risks build for the real estate sector

The Price of Data Security

Top Five Cyber Risks in Mergers & Acquisitions

Financial compensation scheme for Scotland’s abuse survivors

MMI Update

Public Sector Market Update

Right to Light

Navigating a changing insurance market

A guide for Independent Non-Executive Directors

Maximising PI cover in a tough design & construction market

Unlocking Real Estate Transactions

UK businesses rate brand damage, Brexit, and cyber-attacks as top three risks

How to Successfully Navigate a Warranty & Indemnity Claim

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Keeping Cryptocurrency Secure

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Capital Requirements Regulation

Mitigation of Losses

Food and Drink: Insurance Market Update

Political Risk – Quarterly Update

EU Client Brexit Update

The global financial landscape in 2019 – greater volatility to be the new normal

Protecting the bottom line, come rain or shine

Cyber Perils in a Growing Market

Managing cyber risk in Life Science organisations – a survival guide

2019 Cyber Security Risk Report

Weather, Climate and Catastrophe Insights: 2018 Annual Report

The Big Pharma D&O Headache

Aon’s Benefits and Trends Survey 2019

Aon Approaches to Wellbeing in Sweden

Weather Volatility and Chronic Climate Risk: A Growing Capital Efficiency Gap

Partnership by Accident or Omission

Political Risk – Quarterly Update

Connect your employees to your employee benefits

Using technology to solve your biggest HR challenges head on

Aon Benefits and Trends Survey 2018

Data Protection Class Actions and the Vengeful Employee: Implications of the recent Court of Appeal decision in Morrisons

EMEA Power Industry Report 2018

Quantifying Systemic Cyber Risk

A year on from Palmer and Harvey: 'Knowing your Customer' is key to survival

Brexit Update: Insurance contract continuity

Aon’s Global Financial Wellbeing Study November 2018

Regional Insight 2018: Are investors backing the UK?

The Contemporary Drivers of Mental Health

Understanding your FinTech DNA to create a culture that truly stands out from the crowd

The Evolution of Real Estate and real assets investment by insurers

Government urged not to restrict lending to exporters

Limiting single use plastic highlights the need for new food safety measures

Dispelling the myths behind insolvencies

Retail crime and security: charting the future

Cyber risk and the supply chain

Preparing for Cyber Insurance

Feel the heat

Getting the maximum benefit from your trading companies

Flying high – the opportunities and implications of drones

local authorities - Is your event covered?

Public Sector Market Update September 2018

Smart buildings need smarter risk management