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The sad truth is - unless they make good choices - many of your colleagues will face a financial shortfall at retirement. So let's help them make those choices.

Look around your office - at the next five people you see. How many of them can look forward to a reasonable income when they retire?

Estimates vary, but - even if you have a good pension scheme in place - our research suggests it could be as few as two out of five. It's no wonder financial worries are such a big cause of stress.

If your people can't afford to retire at the right time, that's a big problem - for them, obviously, but increasingly for your business too.

That's why we work hard to make financial education accessible, not just for your current pension scheme members, but all your employees.

Actions based on facts

Every workplace, and every team, is different. So we won't just assume what your people need; we'll take the trouble to find out. That starts with surveys - helping you build an informed business case - but also includes face-to-face focus groups, enabling us to pick up on non-verbal signals about how people are really feeling.

Understanding the individual

Naturally, your communications will have more impact if they're talking about peoples' real experiences and aspirations. We'll help you to map your colleagues' financial journeys, and segment your workforce data so the information is always relevant and to-the-point, whether it's a simple email, or an invitation to a retirement roadshow.

Technology that actually helps

Forcing people to use technology can be counterproductive - imposing another barrier between the individual and the knowledge they need. Our approach is different, with online tools people find easy to pick up, and actually enjoy using. It turns out having all your financial information in one place - with summaries, calculators, comparisons and graphics - can even be fun… and our My Money Module has awards to prove it.

We'd love to talk about your people, and how we can help you to help them. Drop us a line at [email protected], or call us on 0344 573 0033.





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