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Managers:  Your Strongest (or Weakest) Link in Driving Employee Engagement?

Data from Aon Hewitt's European Engagement database shows that the vast majority of employees across Europe believe that their managers view engagement as a tick box exercise, with only 25% of employees strongly believing that survey results will be acted upon.

To gain a better understanding of the role that managers could and should play in acting on engagement, Aon Hewitt undertook research across 10 European countries in June 2011 canvassing the views of more than 700 managers, resulting in the report "Managers: Your Strongest (or Weakest) Link in Driving Employee Engagement?".

Aon Hewitt Employee Engagement expertise

Aon Hewitt has conducted employee research projects for over 30 years, and pioneered the concept of employee engagement.  Globally, over 5,000 organisations collaborate with us to design new joiner, engagement and exit surveys focused on business priorities, and use world-class survey administration tools that deliver powerful insights and drive real changes.

Our employee research benchmark database covers nearly five million employees across 126 markets and provides insights into the actual practices that improve employee engagement.

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Last updated  22 March 2013

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