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In partnership with Argyll Environmental
Designed exclusively for Aon, Argyll's new rapid turnaround Site Report provides the first combined contaminated land and flood risk assessment for the commercial market, coupled with the UK's highest resolution surface water (flash) flood risk data.

As the risk of flooding and land contamination in the UK increases, the need for accurate environmental risk screening has become an essential part of portfolio management. Previous reporting was considered unreliable due to the lack of a clear assessment and absence of reliable risk data.

Commercial properties, agricultural land and larger residential properties qualify for the risk assessment service. Where a rapid, automated screening of land contamination and flood risk is required, Argyll will assist owners, sellers/buyers, financial institutions, trustees and insurers in understanding the impact of the principal environmental risks.

Key features

  • An accurate and affordable, combined environmental screening report that alerts all parties to contaminated land and flood risks
  • Assesses potential contaminated land liabilities which could arise under Part 2A of the Environmental Protection Act, the Water Resources Act and Planning Regime
  • Provides the overall risk of flooding in the absence or failure of defences (a worst case scenario)
  • Search radius of at least 250m with clear mapping and aerial photography
  • Comprehensive contaminated land data provided by the Landmark Information Group, assessed by IEMA accredited professionals
  • Includes risk of surface water (flash or pluvial) flooding, a major cause of flooding in urban areas (responsible for 50% of property damage during the summer flooding in 2007
  • Analyses the latest data used and relied upon by insurers and regulatory bodies provided by Ordnance Survey, Environment Agency, British Geological Survey and leading flood specialists JBA Consulting
  • Cost effective risk management options available to further assess sites where issues are identified
  • Terms and conditions that are regarded as the most comprehensive and flexible by top UK law firms
  • Direct access to Argyll’s risk management team who can provide initial professional advice at no extra charge
  • Fully supported by Aon’s Environmental team, who are able to provide insurance terms where appropriate


Last updated 12 June 2013

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