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Optimistic about DC developments? May 2022
Sophie Moore sits on the panel of this Pensions Age roundtable where the latest DC developments, including value for money, illiquid investment, engagement, transfers and dashboards, are explored by a panel of experts.

Helping DC members make better retirement decisions - May 2022
Sophie Moore and Richard Cook consider what employers and trustees can do to help members make the best choices with their retirement savings. This article was first published in Pensions Age.

DC adequacy: Action needed to match intention - April 2022
Clare Freeman and Steven Leigh explore the work DC schemes can do to help members achieve adequate retirement outcomes. This article was first published in Pensions Age.

Responsible by design: the future of DC default strategies – April 2022
Aon’s Katherine Patel says schemes must play their part tackling climate change. This article was first published in Professional Pensions.

Offering support – March 2022
Sophie Moore and Richard Cook consider how to support DC members in their retirement decisions. This article was first published in Pensions Age.

DC Schemes – dig into detail to improve member outcomes – March 2022
Ben Roe and Joe Betts analyse Aon’s DC and financial wellbeing survey in this article, first published in Professional Pensions.

DC investment: Putting the ‘trust’ in trusteeship – March 2021
Chris Inman highlights the importance of ensuring DC default investment strategies provide the best outcomes for members, and how target date funds can help achieve this. First published in Pensions Age.

Employees need help with their direction of financial travel – March 2021
In this latest article, published in Professional Pensions, Olly Walker of Aon explains how companies can help staff with financial wellbeing.

Keeping on track – February 2021
Steven Leigh considers how to keep DC savings on track in challenging times.
First published in Pensions Age.

Retiring members need your help – February 2021
Members need support with at-retirement decisions more than ever. Do not fail them, says Ben Roe of Aon.
First published in Professional Pensions

A matter of balance – April 2020
Tony Pugh explores how to get the right balance of DC pensions quality and time commitment. First published in Pensions Age.

It’s time to shed some light on retirement targets – April 2020
Steven Leigh explains how schemes can help members stay on track to realising their retirement goals. First published in Professional Pensions.

The future of DC investing – March 2020
Aon’s latest DC survey finds the future lies in being made to measure for members, as Chris Inman explores in this article, first published in Pensions Age.

Financial wellbeing – pensions' friend or foe? – February 2020
Karina Klimaszewski considers how pensions should be seen as part of wider financial goals. First published in Professional Pensions.

DC roundtable: The continuing evolution of DC – January 2020
Aon’s Steven Leigh takes part in the latest DC Roundtable with Pensions Age where the panel discuss the DC landscape post-authorisation, adequacy and the new retirement living standards.

Choosing a master trust – November 2019
Tony Pugh discusses the criteria employers should consider when picking a master trust and the areas that affect member outcomes in this article, first published in Professional Pensions.

Engaging with DC – June 2019
What’s next for auto-enrolment and master trusts, the emergence of the pensions dashboard and the reasons for member engagement? Steve Leigh, Senior DC Consultant at Aon, joined the discussion at the latest DC roundtable with Pensions Age.

DB to DC transfers – ensuring quality of advice – June 2019
Following the introduction of ‘Freedom and Choice’ for DC pensions in April 2015, we have seen increasing numbers of members transfer out of DB schemes to access these new freedoms. How can sponsors and trustees ensure that members are getting the quality advice they need to make informed decisions? First published in the PMI’s Pensions Aspects magazine.

The future of DC: Aon’s 10-year challenge – April 2019
In this guide, our experts in different fields consider the key elements of Defined Contribution ‘DC’ pension provision, comparing it to where it was 10 years ago and how it could look 10 years from now.

Focusing on the outcomes – April 2019
With the increase in minimum contribution rates under automatic enrolment to 8%, Sophia Singleton asks what is needed to enable members to retire when they, and their employer, want. First published in Professional Pensions.

Focus on higher or lower earners? – March 2019
Steven Leigh explains how it may be for differing reasons, but both higher and lower earners need support during their retirement saving journey. First published in Pensions Age.

Mind the gap! – March 2019
Sophia Singleton explores the differences between men’s and women’s retirement plans and in particular how DC schemes can ensure their support structures are appropriate for all. First published in Pensions Age.

The case for better communications – March 2019
Aon senior consultant Karina Klimaszewski says employees need better access to financial information to make the most of their savings. First published in Professional Pensions.

Retirement has changed: how to evolve financial wellbeing to keep pace – January 2019
Employers can have a major influence on their employees’ retirement planning, which opens up huge opportunities to help employees improve their overall financial wellbeing. This guide, first published in HR Magazine, offers three key actions employers can take as a starting point.

Are auto-enrolment contributions sufficient? – January 2019
Steven Leigh explores whether auto-enrolment policy is working, why earnings levels can affect people’s views and how schemes and sponsors can take some simple steps to help members, in this article first published in Professional Pensions.

What does our financial future hold? – December 2018
Our lives are evolving at a rapid rate. We are living in a world of transparency, swift and unpredictable change, and technology that enables us to be globally accessible. Coupled with all these positive shifts, we are also living in a time of excessive debt and financial anguish – not least among our employees. This article, published by HRD Connect, looks at the findings from Aon’s latest research.

How responsible investment can improve member engagement – November 2018
With so much focus in the DC market on member communications and experience, would you overlook an opportunity to further engage DC savers and engender pride in their pension scheme? Chris Inman explores the issue in this article, first published in PMI News.

A shift in finances – November 2018
Tony Pugh considers where future retirement income will come from in this article, first published in Pensions Age.

New visions of retirement – October 2018
Retirement was once a big bang date at which you stopped work completely, but Aon’s latest research shows that the majority of individuals no longer expect this to be the case. What challenges does this present for employers and pension schemes, and how should they respond? Steven Leigh investigates in this article, first published in PMI News.

Driving forward the DC agenda
Aon’s Lynda Whitney joined a panel of experts in Pensions Age’s latest DC Roundtable. Read the write up, published in July’s edition of Pensions Age to hear what the panel had to say on some of the most pressing issues in DC including engagement, investment, Collective DC and litigation risk.

Decision or default? – April 2018
Lynda Whitney discusses how and when those managing DC schemes should help members make their own decisions, in an article first published in Pensions Age.

The Times Workplace Pensions Report 2018 – February 2018
Distributed recently with The Times Newspaper, the Workplace Pensions Report examines how change is influencing the pensions landscape, highlighting some of the key decisions facing employers and members – including the upcoming increases in minimum contributions. Download a free copy of the publication in which Aon looks at the importat issue of engagement.

Workplace pension outcomes depend to shared engagement – February 2018
Outcomes delivered by employer pension schemes depend more than ever on levels of engagement, so companies must create good quality schemes and successfully communicate their benefits. Read our article, first published in the Workplace Pensions Report, distributed with The Times.

Can your scheme afford (not) to increase contributions? – January 2018
Steven Leigh looks at Aon’s DC Scheme Survey 2017 and the light it shines on how defined contribution schemes are tackling the challenge of auto-enrolment in this article, first published in Professional Pensions.


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