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Aon and the environment

Aon plc Environmental Policy Statement



Aon plc is committed to reducing our impact on the environment. As the world's leading firm focused on risk and people, we recognise our role in contributing to a clean and healthy environment. Our Environmental Policy sets out our approach to managing and reducing our environmental impacts and is endorsed by senior management.


We commit to following the spirit and letter of the law for any environmental legislation in territories where Aon operates and we shall meet any voluntary initiatives or company standards to which we subscribe. We have set policies and procedures to ensure our operations are not polluting the environment and our facilities are legally compliant.

Environmental Protection

We understand our environmental impact and have set a range of controls to ensure our operations are responsibly managed and have reduced the risk of adversely impacting the environment, biodiversity and ecosystems. Aon is committed to the protection of the environment, including the prevention of pollution and will strive to promote efficient operations using all reasonably available methods.

Environmental Objectives

Aon sets long term environmental goals to improve our performance and reduce our carbon emissions. We will adopt achievable objectives and set action plans for their completion in relation to our significant environmental aspects. We will be transparent with our progress towards their achievement and our environmental performance as required by local regulations or other initiatives which we follow.


We will continually engage with our employees and key stakeholders. Appropriate information will be provided to our employees to ensure their adherence to this Policy. We will provide all necessary information and resources which will further increase our relationships with our stakeholders.

Continual Improvement

Aon will constantly seek ways to improve our environmental performance, promote the use of sustainable resources and best practices and identify ways to reduce the impact of our operations to the environment.


Last updated 18 October 2017

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