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Warning - Fraudulent activity

We have become aware of fraudulent activity relating to companies trading under the following names. For more information please click on the links below.

Carsington Wind Energy

Aon Insurance Co Ltd/Commodity Business Consultants Ltd

Beaubien UK Finance Ltd

Kingsburn Wind Energy

Aon Asset Management

You may already receive useful information from your bank on how to avoid investment scams, but if you’re still unsure please visit www.fca.org.uk/scamsmart and read our tips below.

Below are just some of the key things to consider before committing to an investment:

  • Is the investment company listed on the FCA’s register?
    In some cases, criminals behind these scams use registered company names without permission to appear legitimate. If you’re unsure, you should conduct your own research of the company.
  • Does the investment opportunity seem too good to be true (the rates are higher than other advertised investments)?
    This is a common tactic to attract potential investors.
  • Are you being pressured to make a quick decision?
    All investments should be considered carefully, and you should not feel pressured to make any commitments until you are ready
  • Has the company asked you to send a photo of yourself and your identity documents?
    Most legitimate firms will have other ways to verify your identity
  • Have you fully researched the company before committing any money?
    If you aren’t sure what the company does, call them using a number you have obtained for yourself from either the FCA’s website or a different website to the one you’ve been provided with
  • Is there limited information about the company’s contact details?
    A legitimate firm will want to make it easy for you to contact them
  • Is there anything else that makes you doubt that this is a legitimate investment?
    Follow up on those doubts before committing


Last updated 09 August 2021

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