United Kingdom

Aon UK Limited Board Members

Name  Position  Date Appointed to Board
Marshall Bailey Chairman and Non-Executive Director 31st January 2023
Julie Page Chief Executive Officer 14th July 2017
Farah Nelson Chief Financial Officer 3rd May 2023
Nathan Shanaghy Chief Operating Officer 1st April 2018
Matthew Kimber Chief Risk Officer 27th February 2018
Rupert Moore Director

26th September 2022

Carole Judd Director (non-executive)

2nd May 2023

John Nicholson Director (non-executive)

20th April 2016

Iraj Amiri Director (non-executive) 3rd February 2021
Anne Torry Director (non-executive) 28th December 2018
Emma Dignam Company Secretary 14th April 2023


Last updated 15th August 2023

Aon UK Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. FPNAT177