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Looking after your people’s health and financial wellbeing is a sound business investment. You’ll get the best out of your workforce and, while you’re at it, start to address some important future risks.

When it comes to wellbeing, what’s good for your people is good for your business.

That means making sure your colleagues have access to resources and tools that can help them make good choices about their finances, lifestyle and health.

It’s about more than just your duty of care (though that’s important too); healthier employees mean fewer sick days, and fewer claims on your health and risk policies.

Medical insurance costs are rising

With the continued rise of corporate insurance costs due to factors such as ageing populations and poor lifestyle habits, it’s more important than ever to help your employees take an active approach to their health.

Globally, the biggest conditions influencing private medical insurance claims include high blood pressure, obesity, poor stress management and high cholesterol – so individual lifestyle choices make a real difference.

This presents an opportunity: by rolling out targeted initiatives, there’s every chance you can reduce the number of claims, and offset the rising costs – while looking out for your employees’ wellbeing too.

Financial education and support

Money worries play a big part in overall stress – so giving people the knowledge and tools to keep their finances under control can have a direct influence on your sickness, absences and claims.

Our easy-to-use financial software module, My Money, brings all your employees’ financial information together, and makes it really simple to see the impact of spending and saving choices. It’s won industry awards – but for us the most important thing is seeing the difference it makes.

(As a nice bonus, it also helps your people to understand the value of the benefits and pension you provide.)

‘My Money’ is part of a broader financial education programme. It starts with surveys, focus groups and workforce segmentation to identify exactly what support your employees need – with relevant communications, face to face seminars and events at every stage of their journey, from joining to retirement.

Get the wellbeing message across

By using our analytical tools (such as Health Hub) you can spot the highest risk factors for your workforce, and give targeted support that really works. For example, if you identify risks associated with people who work in sedentary roles, you can gently encourage them to get more active by promoting benefits and initiatives that encourage a more active lifestyle.

Our communications experts are happy to share some ideas that can make an immediate difference. Email us on letstalkbenefits@aon.co.uk, or call 0344 573 0033.




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