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Financial worries are one of the biggest causes of stress for your workforce — and that makes it a big concern for you, too. Let’s bring some calm.

For more than 60% of adults, money worries are the biggest cause of stress

And it’s no wonder, with employees needing to save an average of 17% of their yearly pay from the age of 25 to have an ‘adequate’ retirement income, according to our 2015 Real Deal report. Saving for the future is now one of the most common concerns for employees, regardless of age.

Others might be struggling to get onto the property ladder, trying to work out whether they can afford to start a family – or simply dreading the next credit card bill. Nobody talks about it, but it’s a huge distraction.

One of the most powerful ways we can help is to bring all their financial information together, and make it easy to see how much they’re spending and saving where, and what the future might look like. That’s where our award-winning My Money tool comes in.

All the information in one place

One of the big challenges we all face with managing our money is the financial choices we make at work – like pensions – seem a world away from our finances at home (mortgage, investments, weekly shop).

My Money breaks through this divide, and shows employees the whole picture, linking up with their online banking, credit cards, loans, property – in fact, as many information sources as they like – so they can see everything in one go.

Importantly, it’s secure. They’re not sharing the information with you, and nobody can see the figures but the employee themselves.

Seeing is believing

But that’s just the start. My Money automatically categorises bank and other transactions, and gives the employee easy-to-understand graphics and visualisations, helping them to see exactly where the money goes.

And it has modelling tools, so they can compare different options and scenarios, and see how choices today could influence their finances in the future.

People are informed, and in control – with clear plans, goals and decisions. And when you talk to them about finances as an employer, they’re more likely to be engaged because they understand how everything fits together.

If you’d like to see why My Money has won awards, email us at letstalkbenefits@aon.co.uk or chat to one of our experts on 0341 573 0033, and we’ll give you a demonstration.




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