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8 June

Managing U.S. catastrophe risk with new model insights

Online Event

Duration: 1 hour
Option 1: 1AM BST
Option 2: 3PM BST

Bin Pei, Associate Director – Hurricane Modeling, Impact Forecasting
Farhad Sedaghati, Head of U.S. Earthquake Model Development, Impact Forecasting
Will Skinner, Head of Business Development, Impact Forecasting

With U.S. insured losses reaching $73bn in 2020 – 82% above average since 2000, Impact Forecasting is continuously enhancing its models. Discover the features of the new Florida hurricane model and the earthquake model plus updates for our wildfire and severe convective storm models. In addition, learn how you can boost risk transfer and pricing with technology integration across Aon’s modeling and underwriting platforms comprising CatScore, Automated Event Response for U.S. Hurricane and ELEMENTS.

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15 June

Optimising your credit standing - and why it’s important

Online Event

Duration: 30 minutes (08:30 - 09:00)

Join us for a virtual coffee and gain an insight into the current market, the Government support Scheme and how to strengthen your companies credit rating. We have a guest speaker from Lightbulb Credit who give expert advice upon optimising your credit rating and unlocking your full credit potential.

Across the globe each country is in a different stage of their respective Covid battle, but what is consistent across all markets, is that the route to economic recovery is not going to be a straight line. Now is the time to make sure your credit rating is as strong as your business planning.

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15 June

Japan typhoon model spotlight: Bridging the gap in the Japanese re/insurance market

Online Event

Duration: 1 hour
Option 1: 9AM BST
Option 2: 3PM BST

Radovan Drinka, Head of Weather Risk Modelling APAC, Impact Forecasting
Oriol Gaspa Rebull, Head of Analytics Japan, Aon

Despite below average activity in the North West Pacific during 2020, typhoon risk in Japan remains in re/insurers’ spotlight. We discuss the large events of 2018 and 2019 in the context of stochastic model variability and how the view of risk in Japan has been fortified by the new Impact Forecasting typhoon model. As part of an ongoing quest to enhance typhoon risk decisions, we reveal our development of client-specific vulnerability curves and the benefits of Automated Event Response for this region.

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14-17 June

Aon’s Virtual DC Live Week: Keeping on track in challenging times

Online Event

The Aon DC Live week will bring you the latest thinking and thought leadership, including findings from the 2021 DC Member and Financial Wellbeing Survey. Sessions will take place between Monday the 14 June and Thursday the 17 June 2021.

View the full agenda here and register to attend here.

22 June

Seizing the opportunities of open catastrophe modelling with ELEMENTS and Oasis

Online Event

Duration: 1 hour
Option 1: 9AM BST
Option 2: 3PM BST

Discussion Duration: 1 hour

Option 1
Chris Ewing, Head of Client Management, Impact Forecasting
Sarka Cerna, Head of Product Development for EMEA, APAC & Canada, Impact Forecasting

Option 2
Nehal Naik, Head of Software Development, Impact Forecasting
Ashwin Joseph, Business Development Manager, Impact Forecasting

Many re/insurers are embracing open catastrophe modelling to expand their choice of models, reduce operational inefficiencies and take control of their view of risk. We reveal how you can benefit from the integration of the Oasis loss calculation engine in the ELEMENTS platform. We also introduce new features in ELEMENTS 15, plus how Impact Workbench can help you to navigate the world of Open Exposure Data.

Participate in the discussion: After the presentation, join us for an optional interactive discussion to share and explore the challenges and opportunities with adopting models in open platforms.

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23 June

Aon Webinar: Decisions, decisions - new possibilities for trustees

Online Event


Effective decision making continues to occupy trustees and boards as they grapple with an ever-increasing governance burden and navigate the challenging environment brought on by the pandemic.

A major new report, commissioned by the IFoA’s Actuarial Research Centre, explores the potential for, and types of, risks and opportunities that may emerge in pension decision making - and provides helpful recommendations to trustees and boards.

Professor Iain Clacher, from the University of Leeds and a lead researcher for the report, will join Aon’s Susan Hoare for this interactive webinar, which will draw on the key findings of the research and provide practical, actionable guidance for trustees.

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24 June

Building Workforce Resilience: How do you compare?

Online Event


The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic brought into sharp focus the significance of a resilient workforce for many organisations, and our Rising Resilient research shared the importance of a strong and focused strategy, over standalone initiatives. But what are the next steps organisations need to consider now to continue to build workforce resilience in this highly volatile world?

Join our next webinar to hear

  • Our experts share the overall themes, trends and thought provoking insights from the UK companies who have completed our resilience self-assessment tool
  • Practical steps you can take to continue to build workforce Resilience

Take the Resilience Self-Assessment in advance to see how you fare against other UK organisations.

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29 June

Aon Risk Settlement Conference: Identifying your journey to settlement

Online Event


This conference is designed to give you greater clarity on what actions you can take to reach pension scheme settlement, and key considerations for your journey. Sessions will take place during the course of the morning.

You can view the full agenda here and register for your free place

29 June

The post-pandemic age: Managing a multi-generational workforce

Online Event

10:00-11:00am GMT

The pandemic has been described as the biggest disruption to work in 100 years. The last year has been an accelerator and amplifier of change within the working environment with remote and hybrid working, flexible hours and IT solutions implemented rapidly.

In conjunction with Womble Bond Dickinson, please join our thought-provoking keynote address by generations specialist, Dr Eliza Filby, followed by a panel discussion with a group of experts, including Aon's Katherine Conway, Head of Diversity, Inclusion and Community. Our discussion will focus on the workforce through the prism of age as we now have four generations in the workplace. We will explore how the pandemic has impacted each generation, and what that means for managing a multi-generational workforce in the post-pandemic age. Our panel of experts includes:

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29 June

Aon’s Research Forum 2021

Online Event

Duration: 1 hour

Ladislav Palan, Lead Flood Model Developer & Chairman of Aon´s Research Forum, Impact Forecasting
Peter Pazak, Lead Earthquake Model Developer, Impact Forecasting
Sharanjit Paddam, Head of ESG Risk, QBE Group
Peter Cheesman, Head of Analytics (APAC),Aon.
James Knight, Head of Catastrophe Research (ANZ), Aon

Ten years after: lessons learnt from the New Zealand earthquake

On February 22, 2011, a magnitude 6.3 earthquake hit New Zealand’s South Island. For this event, with the epicenter very close to the cities of Christchurch and Lyttelton, the shaking was more destructive and the liquefaction more extensive than any previous earthquake in New Zealand’s recent history. The earthquake caused USD27bn in damage, equating to 20% of GDP, with 185 people losing their lives and 15,000 losing their homes. We explore how the re/insurance market has matured with products adapted to local requirements and the evolution of rigorously-enforced building codes.

Back to the Future for Catastrophe and Climate Risk

We look backwards (at 2011) and forwards (at future decades) to understand weather peril projections and their financial implications. Sharanjit Paddam from QBE Group, who led the Climate Measurement Standards Initiative (CMSI), will discuss the recommendations for the climate change analytics that will drive the insurance industry while Aon’s Peter Cheesman and James Knight provide examples of the standards in practice.

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30 June

The Whiplash Reforms: UK motor insurance

Online Event

13:00-14:00am GMT

The whiplash reforms came into force on 31st May 2021. The aim of the reforms is to save motorists money by reducing claim frequency and costs.In conjunction with DWF solicitors, Aon will be hosting a webinar to discuss the key changes and the impact on your motor insurance. During the webinar we will discuss:

  • The launch of a new online claims portal for any road traffic related personal injury claim valued at under £5,000.
  • Increasing the small claims limit for road traffic accident related personal injury claims from £1,000 to £5,000.
  • The introduction of a new fixed tariff of compensation for whiplash injuries.
  • The introduction of a ban on the practice of seeking or offering to settle whiplash claims without medical evidence.

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