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Aon Approaches to Wellbeing in Sweden

The importance of wellbeing at work is increasingly on the agenda in many companies, as the positive impact is more widely recognised to increase the overall performance of an organisation.

At Aon we define wellbeing as a state of balance that consists of having the appropriate resources, opportunities and commitment needed to achieve optimal health and performance for the individual and the organisation.

A successful employee health benefits program can have a positive impact on employee engagement and productivity and ultimately on the company's profitability. A well-designed program of well-being at the workplace is also a well-known way to increase employee job satisfaction, achievement and loyalty.

Download our latest whitepaper on the Approaches to Wellbeing in Sweden. We discuss what wellbeing means, how it is defined and why wellbeing should matter, to both employers and their employees. We also examine global wellbeing trends, and how it is being tackled – in EMEA, the Nordics and Sweden in particular.

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EMEA Health and Benefits Business Development