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Building Reputational Resilience in the Food, Agribusiness and Beverage Sector

The food, agribusiness and beverage (FAB) sector has become relentlessly agile as it is constantly challenged to react to changes in consumer preferences, environmental awareness, legislation, global trade negotiations and digital disruption. An ability to look ahead and pre-empt emerging risk is core to its future success.

Analysis of where future risks lie requires more than economic knowledge or political insight. Having a strategic overview of a business and how it could be affected by a wide range of outside influences is vital – and enables organisations to put the right measures in place.

Understanding reputational risk

CEOs and board members regularly list reputation as one of their company’s most valuable intangible assets. Yet every month, a new reputational crisis makes the headlines, destroying shareholder value and trust with customers and stakeholders. While the sources of the crisis may vary, in many cases financial markets punish companies, sometimes leading to a severe and sustained erosion of market value.

Reputation needs to be actively managed like any other core asset. Companies need to have a process to identify risks and while communication plays an important role, active reputation management should be integrated into business leaders’ strategy decisions and holistically coordinated across an organisation.

What does it take to be a winner after a crisis?

Aon recently commissioned Pentland Analytics to conduct independent specialist risk research and analysis that focuses on brand and reputational risk through an industry lens to better-understand what it takes to be a winner after a major crisis.

Our new whitepaper explores this research and provides insight into how crisis events can drive change for the better.

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