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Connect your employees to your employee benefits

Engagement has been a hot topic for some time. In fact, our recent Aon Employee Benefits & Trends Survey 2018 showed it’s a topic close to a lot of employers’ hearts.


But what is ‘engagement’, really – and how does it relate to the benefits you offer?

Businesses and the people who make them are all different, meaning successful benefits engagement is going to mean different things to different people, – but there are some things we think most will agree on.

Getting your employees to engage in the benefits offering you have put in place is so important, because benefits engagement can lead to engaged employees who feel valued. It goes far beyond your people logging into a benefits portal once a year or completing an expression of wish form. Success is getting your employees to understand their benefits, truly value their benefits, feel valued and be proactive about their benefits. Better still, you want them to be advocates for the benefits package and encourage others to be engaged with their benefits too.

Making the most of your benefits investment

We know that many businesses make a significant investment in employee benefits and find it frustrating when employees don’t seem to value or understand what’s on offer. In these cases, we often find that this is nothing to do with the quality of the benefits, what it comes down to is that there hasn’t been enough thought or investment into communicating about the benefits in the best way for those employees.

Getting your employees engaged in what you already provide, makes it much easier to justify your benefit spend and see a return on the investment you’re making!

To help you better connect your employees with their employee benefits, we’ve drawn together our experiences, combined with our expert knowledge and real-life examples to create our ‘How to increase Benefits Engagement’ guide. It gives you our 10 hot tips for increasing your employee benefits engagement.