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Introducing the ‘In Conversation’ Series:
Bringing an insurance and risk lens to some of Europe’s greater challenges

Europe’s policy makers are not only having to tackle the here and now of the Coronavirus pandemic. At the same time, the EU is increasingly challenged by both traditional and emerging forms of risk. It is having to confront some of the greatest public policy challenges for a generation: the green transition to meet the objectives of the Paris Agreement and the fast-moving digitisation of industry and society.

These are important issues in which the insurance and risk industries have a clear stake. That’s particularly the case for Aon - a leading player in the sector rooted in Europe and with operations across almost all EU member states. We believe our skills and digital analytical capabilities can help contribute to issues which are increasingly relevant but lack comprehensive solutions. These are issues and challenges that governments cannot tackle alone.

That’s the reasoning behind our new ‘In Conversation’ series. We wanted to provide an insurance and risk lens through which to discuss some of these important topics.

The aim of the series is simple: to bring together industry, government officials and regulators from the member states and the EU institutions, as well as, of course, our own Aon experts, to contribute their own insights.

Our on-demand ‘In Conversation’ series includes a panel discussion on the role of InsurTech in the digital finance transformation. The discussion considers the EU’s digital finance strategy, collaboration between the insurance sector and public sector, as well as the impact of regulatory changes. We were excited to be joined by a great panel – which included a strong focus on the Spanish experience.

The series also explores the topic of Europe’s energy transition as a driver of recovery. Already a number of European energy majors have made clear their ambitions to reach net zero, and it is apparent that European policymakers view the Coronavirus pandemic as an opportunity to bring about a green recovery – underpinned by an evolving energy sector and a European Green Deal. Senior political leaders and major players in the energy sector joined our panel to discuss the opportunities and challenges.

The full ‘In Conversation’ series can be accessed on-demand here alongside other insights, thought leadership and details of future events.

As a global professional services firm, we have a long-standing history of helping organisations navigate major events with data-driven insights – and as part of this we are keenly focused on collaborating with our partners in the public and private sectors across the EU. It’s by working together that we can take on some of society’s greatest challenges.

For further information, please go to the In Conversation Series hub