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The United States accounts for approximately a quarter of global GDP. The economy, largely post-industrial and characterized by the dominance of services and knowledge-based activities, went through an economic downturn following the financial crisis of 2007–08, and the economy began to recover slowly yet unevenly since the second half of 2009, for instance receiving support through expansionary monetary policies.

Based on recent research by Atradius, the percentage of overdue B2B invoices on domestic business has been relatively flat around 45% over the last few years, while overdues on export transactions have been increasing steadily to around 59% in 2017, after a strong increase in 2015.

The influx of credit insurance capital via new entrants into the US market as well as the emergence of Fintech, working capital and supply chain solutions have been driving an accelerated adoption of the coverage as a core element of support to US firms, either for US domestic account receivable or payable structures or exports. Recent high profile insolvencies, particularly in the retail sector, have also highlighted the value of protecting against unexpected bad debt losses.

Aon’s new Trading Perspectives report has a focus on the US market; our in-depth risk analysis includes perspectives from our team on the ground, who are on the pulse of local market dynamics and macro-economic trends.

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Trading Perspectives USA