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COVID-19: The impact on risk management

The UK Government recently announced that Coronavirus (COVID-19) will be formally listed as a notifiable disease, which will help businesses claim from their insurances. However, despite various press reports that the listing of Coronavirus (COVID-19) as a notifiable disease would unlock the door for businesses to make insurance claims, the position is much less clear cut.


Hunt for a COVID-19 cure: life sciences under the microscope

In early April, as the world continued to battle with the COVID-19 global health emergency, the UK announced the biggest clinical trial so far for the treatment of patients infected with the virus.

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Workforce strategies to manage the impact of COVID-19

Wherever you are in EMEA, uncertainty prevails. Effective planning depends on being able to forecast the future as well as possible – so how can employers do this, so that they strike the optimal balance between preserving business interests and protecting the safety of their people? This webinar tackles these issues.

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How is the art world reacting to the risks posed by COVID-19?

The unprecedented pandemic sweeping the globe is putting pressure on everything in its path – lives, health systems, businesses, communities and even museums. Whilst some might think that cultural institutions can simply lock the door and come back when the dust has settled, the stress placed on museums and subsequent risks is complex.

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COVID-19: Business recovery planning

At this stage of the COVID-19 crisis, some organisations are turning their attention towards recovery. But what impact will a potentially uncharacteristic ebb and flow of demand have on an organisation’s ability to accurately plan for the future? This webinar discusses this issue, and also welcomes Tara McCarthy, CEO of Bord Bia (The Irish Food Board), who shares insights into how the food and agriculture industry is reacting, responding, recovering and reshaping in light of the pandemic.

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COVID-19: Response Planning Preparedness Considerations

This tool kit has been designed to provide information and insight on risk exposures and human capital concerns emanating from an infectious disease event or outbreak.

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COVID-19 Risk Management: 5 key questions your organisation needs to answer

We look at the five questions businesses should be asking themselves about their exposure to risk.

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COVID-19 and the Retail Sector

The retail sector is uniquely exposed; this paper looks at how retails companies can mitigate the impact of coronavirus.

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Webinar: Managing and Mitigating COVID-19 Risk

This webinar looks at the 10 key questions which organisations need to be able to answer about their risk related to COVID-19.

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