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Webinar: COVID-19’s Impact on the Construction Industry

COVID-19 is creating a uniquely challenging environment for the construction industry. How firms navigate the pandemic – from both a risk transfer and mitigation perspective – will determine how they perform for the long-term.

Key to managing the evolving risk landscape will be firms’ ability to understand insurance appetite and requirements, particularly when it comes to lockdown and restart requirements, and the implications of COVID-19 for the construction insurance market.

We invite you to join Bob Humphreys, Michael Earp, Fabio Lupo and Rob Colver as they discuss:

  • The implications of COVID-19 on the Construction All risks and Professional indemnity markets
  • How markets are responding to lockdown and restart requirements
  • Remote surveys and risk mitigation in a COVID-19 world
  • Building resilience for the long-term


Webinar duration: 35 minutes

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COVID-19’s Impact on the Construction Industry

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