United Kingdom

Consulting Services

A sample of the services we provide include:


Organisational & Operational Risk Diagnostics

  • Risk assessment and improvement programmes
  • Change management and culture building programmes across integrated care systems
  • Patient Safety Incident Response Framework (PSIRF) gap analysis and transition
  • PSIRF risk profiling through actuarial analysis of complaints, incidents and claims
  • Evaluation of learning efficacy
  • Clinical governance and due diligence for mergers and acquisitions.


Clinician Engagement

  • Workshop facilitation on risk, accountability and transparency
  • Identifying and quantifying frontline risks to patient and staff safety
  • Design thinking to systematically understand risk drivers for mitigation development
  • Clinician insight quantified to inform improvement programmes.


Medical & Clinical Risk Analysis

  • Specific incident data analysis and quantification
  • Risk diagnosis, mitigation planning and implementation
  • Identify the risks (including emerging) that lead to patient and staff harm.


Incident Management & Systems Learning

  • Facilitate clinical panels and learning reviews
  • Incident cluster reviews and analysis
  • Clinician-led creation of learning functions, processes and analysis.